How we work!

1. Describe your Project
    Explain to us things like: Goals, Objectives, Activities, Outputs... all from your point of view.

2. Agree on the Price & Sign Agreement
    We do the custom design & development.

3. Programming & Testing
    In the work process we'll keep constant contact with you to assure that everything is running smoothly.

  • Mockup/layout (Design custom picture mockup/layout according to your requirements)

  • HTML/CSS (Create CSS/HTML files and images for future development)

  • Programming & DataBase Creation (Create DataBase if any and or start programming development)

  • Demo Link (Host demo website onto our demo server and share with you for future communications)

  • Touch up/Correction (Finial touch up and correction according to your guideline)

  • Testing & Analyzing (Test or examine web design & development)

4. Project Delivery
    We will deliver project or make live after all payment has been paid in full.

Get started your design & development with us, by asking for a quote today.